What is Infotis?

Infotis is a cloud based enterprise content management and collaboration system. We are the building blocks that companies can use to create a platform that lets them build a cloud based social enterprise.

The Goal

We want to provide innovation, communication, productivity and security to businesses everywhere and add a new and improved level to social collaboration amongst companies. Our vision is to build a global product that meets and exceeds the needs of Enterprise Social Collaboration.

Who Are We?

lnfotis is comprised of a team of brilliant and energetic people who want nothing more than to make life easier. From testers to marketers, programmers and everything in between, we all work very hard to make business easy. social, and more enjoyable. When something is hard, the best thing to do is make it simple.

What Makes Us Different?

Infotis is one among the many cloud based file storage web applications in the corporate world. But we believe that combining both communication and content storage to make collaboration social is how we differentiate from other Enterprise Social Collaboration companies. We have what is thought of as the best of both worlds.

What We Offer?

Infotis has many of the aspects, that combined, make a business runs like a glitch free and fast computer program. A bit of what we offer include

With all those pieces, Infotis puts the puzzle of simple, social, and enjoyable, collaboration in the business world together, giving you what we hope increases productivity, creativity, and innovation in employees.

Such simple things, and we make of them something so complex it defeats us, almost ‘Why can’t everything be simple again?...

John Ashbery, American Poet